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You’ve arrived at Tim’s Printables, a website that provides high quality printable resources to people all over the world. Browse the pages, and you will discover useful templates, worksheets, drawing tutorials, and crafts.

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The Story of Bjarni Herjólfsson


The Story of Erik the Red


Leif Ericson Biography & The Vinland Voyages


Age of Exploration Worksheet (Age of Discovery) | Social Studies


Ferdinand Magellan Biography for Kids | Social Studies Printables


Free Printable 13 Colonies Map PDF – Labeled & Blank Map


Number Flash Cards Printable 1-10


Printable Number Coloring Pages


Free Number Tracing Worksheets | Preschool Printables


Printable Robot Coloring Pages | Coloring Pages for Kids

cause and effect

Cause and Effect Diagram Templates – PDF Format


Printable Easter Math Worksheets | Easter Math Activities


Free Printable Easter Crossword Puzzle


Free Printable Easter Dot-to-Dot Worksheet | Easter Printables

snowflake template

Paper Snowflake Templates

board game

Blank Board Game Template Printables | Make Your Own Board Game

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Coloring Page

George Washington Coloring Page

George Washington Coloring Page


Free Easter Bunny Template / Easter Bunny Clipart and Coloring Pages

owl printables

Printable Owl Template, Owl Coloring Pages, and Owl Clipart


If you’re working on your own creative project, the Templates Page offers printable tools and materials to help you get the job done. There are many templates to choose from, including calendars, graphic organizers, and printable paper.


The Worksheets Section is the area of Tim’s Printables devoted to helping kids learn. Learning should be fun, and these worksheets were created with that motto in mind.


This is for the Do-It-Yourself-ers out there. If you like to make things with your hands, build things out of cardboard and paper, check out all of these awesome craft projects. Print and play.

Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids

Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids is a website for kids, and the kid in us all. Pick a pirate theme coloring page. Print it out, or color it right on the computer using the browser-based coloring app.


If you’re a comic book artist, here’s a free resource to help you boost your productivity. Introducing ComicBookPaper.com. Choose from hundreds of free comic book templates. Print them. Save them. Never draw a panel border again!


This content is for anyone who enjoys learning, creativity, adventure and imagination. It has been created to help children learn and stay curious, to help teachers and parents teach, to entertain and to inspire. To help aspiring artists sharpen their skills, to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and to help people all over the word, each day.