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You’ve arrived at Tim’s Printables, a website that provides high quality entertaining and educational printables for both kids and grownups. Please browse the long list of printables. They are sorted in various categories, and then listed alphabetically within each category.

Printables for Kids

1. All About Me Printables – Tell about yourself with their colorful printable.
2. Cardboard Castle – Make your own cardboard castle with the help of these printables!
3. Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids – Learn how to draw various animals with these step-by-step drawing tutorials.
4. Paper Airplanes – It’s still the classic paper airplane, but with really cool colors.
5. Printable Badges – viz. police badges, sheriff badges, fire fighter & detective badges.
6. Play Money – Print your own play money!
7. Printable Dice – Make your own set of 6, 10 or 12 sided dice.
8. Superhero mask printables – Print your own superhero mask to help you fight imaginary bad guys.

Printables for Birthday Parties

1. Party Hats – Print your own party hats for an upcoming birthday celebration.
2. Pin the Tail of the Donkey Printable – This classic birthday game is now a spectacular printable!
3. Pirate Treasure Maps – Print a pirate treasure map for a pirate-theme birthday party!

Printable Activities

1. Color by Numbers – Color and learn about numbers with these fun printables.
2. Connect-the-Dot Worksheets – Connect the dots to draw a tiger, a turtle, a frog, and a bear.
3. Mazes – Complete these fun hand-drawn mazes.
4. Mad Libs – Fun mad libs based on classic Aesop’s Fables.
5. Paper Pizza – Kids can cut and paste their own pizza, using an assortment of ingredients.
6. Spot the Difference Printables – Can you tell the difference between the two scenes?
7. Word Searches – A set of fun wordsearches with an adventure theme!

Printable Games

1. Bingo – Print a set of Bingo cards and tokens for the classroom.
2. Chess – Print your own a chess board and chess pieces.
3. Tic-Tac-Toe – A classic printable game known by kids all over the world.


1. Make Your Own Board Game – Several board game templates so you can make your own game.
2. Make A Cube Maze Craft – A maze on a cube is a tricky thing to solve. Can you do it?
3. Make a Dinosaur Diorama – Follow this tutorial and learn how to make your own dinosaur diorama.
4. Make a Pop Up Card – Make your own pop up card or even a whole pop up book!
5. Make a Paper Teasure Chest – Make your own pirate treasure chest out of paper.

Language Arts Printables

1. Hamburger Paragraph Printable – Show students how to write a simple paragraph using this fun hand drawn printable.
2. Handwriting Practice Paper – Download this printable paper for kids learning how to write their letters.
3. Story Starters – A set of fun story starters for children, great for creative writing.

Math Printables for Kids

1. First Grade Math Worksheets – A large collection of printable worksheets for grade 1.
2. Multiplication Table – Print your own multiplication table.
3. Number Line Printable – Blank number lines for math assignments.
4. Printable Protractor – Can’t find a protractor. This printable solves that problem.
5. Printable Ruler in Inches – If you don’t have a ruler, now you can print one.
6. Printable Ruler in Centimeters – Another printable ruler, this time in metric units.


1. Animal Cell Diagram - To help you memorize the organelles in an animal cell.
2. Human Skeleton Diagram – Learn about the major bones in human body.
3. Solar System Diagram – Learn the order of the planets in the solar system.

Social Studies Printables

1. Timelines – Fill in a blank timeline as part of a Social Studies project.
2. Woolly Mammoth Fact Sheet – With the help of this printable, you can teach your students about the these prehistoric Ice Age behemoths.
3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Printable Poster – Print this poster and help your students understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Geometry Printables

1. Cube Template – Print a template for a paper cube.

Printables for Teachers and Parents

Printables for the Classroom

1. Answer Sheet Templates – Blank answer sheets for teachers.
2. Award Ribbons – A job well done deserves an award ribbon, which can be printed here.
3. KWL Chart – What I Know, What I Want to Know, What I’ve Learned. A useful graphic organizer for your students.
4. SMART Goals Chart – To help people set attainable goals.

 Printable Paper

1. Graph Paper, 8.5 x 11 – Printable letter-sized graph paper for creating designs and graphs.
2. Graph Paper, 11 x 17 – Printable tabloid-sized graph paper for larger drawings.
3. Isometric Graph Paper – Create 2.5d isometric art, block letters, and neat patterns.
4. Isometric Graph Paper, 11 x 17 – A larger version of the isometric graph paper sheets.
5. Notebook Paper – Print your own notebook paper. Useful if you run out at home and don’t want to go to the store.
6. Sheet Music – Blank staff paper for aspiring musicians.

Templates for Creative Projects

1. Bookmarks – Blank bookmark templates for kids who want to make their own bookmark.
2. Comic Strips – Blank comic strip templates so kids can draw their own comics.
3. Comic Book Pages – Blank comic book pages for aspiring cartoonists.
4. Door Hangers – For kids who want to decorate their own door hangers.
5. DVD Labels – Made your own movie? Now you can decorate your own DVD label.
6. Film Strips – Blank film strip printables so kids can draw in their own movie scenes.
7. Playing Cards – Ever want to draw your own playing cards? Now you can. Simply print this set of blank playing cards.
8. Puzzles – Draw your own puzzle using a blank puzzle template.
9. Scrolls – Write a message to a friend on a classic paper scroll.
10. Speech Bubbles – Write in your own text and paste on bulletin boards, posters etc.
11. Storyboards – Blank storyboard templates for aspiring animators, illustrators and movie makers
12. Treasure Maps – Make your own treasure map. Great for birthday parties, scavenger hunts etc.
13. Wanted Poster – Complete this blank wanted poster, to turn your friends/coworkers into Wild West outlaws.

Printables for Planning & Staying Organized

1. Daily Schedules – Create some order in the day with a printable daily schedule.
2. Grocery Lists – Keep track of the groceries you need. Never forget an item at the store again.
3. To Do Lists – Write down all the things you need to do today.
4. Weekly Schedules – Plan your week so you can make the most it.
5. Monthly Calendars – Print a blank calendar, or download a ready-made one for the month you need.

Printables for Events

1. Certificate Templates – Print a blank certificate for a job well done.
2. Raffle Tickets – Hosting a raffle? Then print these free raffle tickets.
3. Fundraising Thermometer – If you’re raising money for a good cause, display your progress using this printable poster.
4. Golden Tickets – For a really special reward to a friend, print a golden ticket.

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  • Tina Welch 07/03/2015, 2:27 pm

    One of the few sites that actually allowed me to print without signing up, downloading a printer, etc…Thanks!!
    I look forward to utilizing this sight for homeschooling and Sunday School. Please keep up the excellent work!

  • Brenda Cavallero 08/22/2015, 12:56 am

    I just found your website while doing a Google search for an ice cream cone template. Your site is amazing! I’m just sorry that I didn’t find your site a long time ago.

    • Tim van de Vall 08/22/2015, 1:39 pm

      Thanks Brenda! I’m glad you like it, and that I’m able to help.



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