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Centimeter Grid Paper

Grid Paper Black-200Here is a collection of free printable centimeter grid paper sheets. The letter-sized pdfs come in four colors: Black, nonphoto blue, green, and red. In order to download your free grid paper, click on any of the images below to open up the pdf and save it to your computer. Grid paper, also known as graph paper, is a useful tool for graphing lines, mapping, measuring, drawing, counting and scaling images.

This centimeter grid paper is based on the Metric system, which is widely used throughout the world. The various colors may make drawing with the graph paper a bit easier. The nonphoto blue grid paper is great for technical drawings, since the blue color can easily be erased in program like Photoshop, leaving only the technical illustration behind. For school projects, students can use grid paper for various assignments, including geometry homework, word problems and drawing lines and curves. Grid paper used in this way is also known as coordinate paper.

Grid paper can also be used to draw 3D shapes at 45 degree angles. The grid pattern can be useful for children who are learning about 3 dimensional objects such as rectangular prisms, cubes and pyramids.

Centimeter Grid Paper

centimeter grid paper

This is standard black grid paper, useful for making graphs, drawing parabolas and curves, and plotting points for Algebra, Calculus or Statistics.


centimeter grid paper

This green grid will help your pencil lines stand out and make your graphs more visible.

centimeter grid paper

centimeter grid paper

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