100 Question Answer Sheet


So you’re looking for a printable 100 question answer sheet. Well, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you find a pdf containing two 100 question answer sheets. 

Included in the top margin of each one is a small cartoon character with a few encouraging words for the kids. After all, why should tests be such a solemn, serious affair? Chances are, students will do a lot better if they relax a little and view exams or quizzes as a game or challenge. Perhaps the cartoon characters will help get that concept across. 

The first 100 question answer sheet contains a cartoon owl who’s hooting, “You can do this!” The second 100 question answer sheet has a bear in the margin, who growls, “I believe in you.” 

Don’t need more than 50 multiple choice questions for your quiz? Then take a look at the 50 question answer sheet templates pdf.

100 Question Answer Sheet PDF Contents

The image gallery below shows the content of the PDF.

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