50 Question Answer Sheet

Lighten the mood in the classroom with these fun 50 question answer sheet printables for students and teachers. This downloadable PDF contains 4 multiple choice answer sheets. Each answer sheet features a cartoon character with encouraging words for the students. Hopefully the cartoon characters will help students see tests as a fun challenge rather than something stressful. 

On the first answer sheet, there’s a cartoon mutt with a speech bubble that says, “Good luck, you’ve got this!” On the second sheet, you’ll see two pigs, a cheerful little one and a large grumpy one. The cheerful pig says, “Ready for the test?” The grumpy pig replies, “Do I look ready?” On the third answer sheet, there’s a starfish exclaiming, “Shoot for the stars, kid!” Finally, on the fourth answer sheet printable, there’s a cheerful cartoon apple who says, “This is your moment to shine!” 

Each answer sheet contains bubble for fifty questions, labeled A,B,C, and D. If you need additional questions, please see the 100 question answer sheets.

50 Question Answer Sheets PDF – Contents

These answer sheet printables are for personal and educational purposes only. If you’d like to share this content with your colleagues and friends, please do so by sharing the url link. Thanks!

Good luck on that test or quiz!

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