Dinosaur Footprint Templates

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Decorate the classroom with these dinosaur footprint templates for kids. Traced from the clay footprint of an actual tyrannosaurus rex, these thunder lizard footprints will make the perfect addition to a dinosaur poster, art project, book report, or bulletin board. Space them out to create a dinosaur footprint border.

Dinosaur Footprint Templates PDF – Contents

You can download the dinosaur footprint templates as a 2-page pdf. On the first page, you will find the color prints. The footprints come in 3 colors, green, brown, and tan, and two sizes. On the second page, you will find the black and white templates, for students to color.

Alternatively, you can cut out these dinosaur footprint shapes and use them as stencils for making footprints out of construction paper or cardboard. Or use them as game pieces for making your own board game! In the end, it’s all up to your own creativity!

Did You Know?

  • The word “velociraptor” means “speedy thief.”
  • Dinosaurs roamed all seven continents, including Antarctica!
  • Dinosaurs ruled the earth for a very long time, from about 230 million years ago, to about 65 million years ago.
  • The word dinosaur means “terrible lizard.” It was coined by British paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842.

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