Jackalope Extreme Dot-to-Dot / Connect the Dots PDF

Legend tells of an rare, elusive creature, the American Jackalope: A hare topped with the antlers of a buck. The jackalope is rarely spotted. Not because it is endangered, no! Because it is too clever, too wily, too cunning to be caught in any photographer’s lens.

But now… In a rare chance encounter, one man has had the extraordinary chance not only to illustrate the mythological beast, but to transform him into an extreme dot-to-dot activity for children all over the world.

Yes, the jackalope has arrived, and he’s hopping, antlers and all, right into your classroom.

Faster than the Loch Ness Monster, braver than the yeti, and far less blurry than Bigfoot: The American Jackalope!

Get your Jackalope Extreme Dot-to-Dot today.

Some restrictions apply. You will not receive a real jackalope in the mail. Jackalopes may carry rabies. If you see a jackalope in your backyard, do not attempt to pet it. Some jackalopes carry mace and are not afraid to use it. If you see two male jackalopes fighting over a female, do not intercede. Their antlers are sharp and often tipped with the secretions of an Amazonian poison dart tree frog. Do attempt domestication of jackalopes. It is a futile endeavor.

Connect 674 dots to reveal the glorious image of the jackalope. Keep your kids, busy, engaged, charmed and entertained, in manner that will be the envy of every other elementary school teacher on the hall.

Will this jackalope dot-to-dot be the winning activity that makes you teacher of the year?

Include this fun and challenging activity in a lesson about myths, fantasy, storytelling, or creative writing.

Print this jackalope dot to dot for your classroom, year after year. The activity sheet dimensions are 7.5″ x 10″. This convenient size will fit perfectly on letter-sized paper.

PDF format. Dot to dot is on pg 1. Answer key on pg 2.

Jackalopes! Bring the legend into your classroom.

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