July 4th Hidden Objects Puzzle

July 4th hidden objects puzzle

Can you find all 16 objects in the July 4th Hidden Objects Puzzle? This fun Fourth of July activity is a great challenge for the whole family. Print out copies for all your family members. Then race to see who can find all the items in the puzzle first!

This new Printable features all the main characters from my comic strip, Ergo. George is stacking up on hamburgers and hotdogs. Arrowbot has just caught a fish. Sarah’s got corn on the cob ready for the grill, while Rick is flipping burgers. Meanwhile, Tessa’s adding food to her plate, and McFluff is watching the grill with anticipation. July 4th fireworks lie the dock by the boat. Family, good food, camping, boating, and fireworks. What better way to spend the Fourth of July holiday?

July 4th hidden objects puzzle

The objects to find are: carrot, turtle, button, umbrella, coffee cup, number 4, bone, light bulb, pizza slice, clothes hanger, tie, the word ‘July’, doughnut, telephone, paperclip, and envelope.

The color version of the July 4th Hidden Objects puzzle is on page 1. The black and white version is on page 2. Finally, the answer key is included on page 3. The file has been saved as a 7.5″x10″ PDF for easy printing. If you’re having trouble viewing or printing PDFs, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Have a wonderful Independence Day Holiday!

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