Shape Tracing Worksheets – 20 Pages of Tracing Practice

Twenty shape-tracing worksheets in one convenient PDF! Great for preschool / kindergarten little ones who need to improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The illustration on each worksheet depicts one of my original characters, Tessa Ergo, at her drawing table. The text reads: Tessa Ergo loves drawing. Today she is practicing her shapes. Join Tessa by tracing the shapes below.


1. Circle Tracing
2. Triangle Tracing
3. Square Tracing
4. Rectangle Tracing
5. Pentagon Tracing
6. Hexagon Tracing
7. Octagon Tracing
8. Heart Tracing
9. Diamond Tracing
10. Rhombus Tracing
11. Star Tracing
12. Oval Tracing
13. Trapezoid Tracing
14. Triangular Prism Tracing
15. Cube Tracing
16. Rectangular Prism Tracing
17. Pyramid Tracing
18. Shape Tracing – Various Shapes Sheet 1
19. Shape Tracing – Various Shapes Sheet 2
20. Shape Tracing – Various Shapes Sheet 3

20 Pages. PDF format.

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