Simple Board Game Template – Rocky Terrain


A simple board game template for making your own board game. If you enjoy creating crafts with construction paper, glue, and cardboard, then creating your own game is the perfect activity for you. Not only will your project look nice when it’s complete , but you’ll be able to play with it alongside your friends and family. That’s what makes board games to neat. And when you’ve made the game yourself, it’s even got that special personal touch, that no store-bought game could ever have.

This simple board game template follows a basic path on rocky terrain tiles from start to finish. You can write inside the tiles, or write on cards, letting your players draw card at every turn. If you want to create your own dice for this game, you can also print 6,10, or 12 sided dice on my dice templates page.

After you print this board game path, I recommend pasting the sheet on sturdy cardboard and laminating it. You could also cut out the path and paste it onto a background of your own design. If you’d like to create your own game path, take a look at this printable, with a bunch of game tiles you can arrange to your own liking. Alternatively, you can download this rocky path. And if you want to browse all available board game printables, click here.

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