Star Templates PDF Bundle – Black & White

All of Tim’s Printables black and white printable star templates in one easy-to-download PDF file. This printable star shapes will come in handy various creative cut and paste activities with kids. Download them for a Fourth of July art project, a sewing/quilting craft, or art project with your children.

Star Templates PDF Contents

This PDF contains 10 pages:

  1. 0.5 inch stars
  2. 1 inch stars
  3. 1.5 inch stars
  4. 2 inch stars
  5. 4 inch stars
  6. 5 inch stars
  7. 6 inch stars
  8. 7 inch star template
  9. 8 inch star template
  10. stars – various sizes

Print at full size so that the star shapes remain to scale.

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