Free Printable Human Body Diagram for Kids – Labeled and Unlabeled

The human body is an amazing and complex thing. From the thinking brain to the human heart, scientists continue to struggle to unearth the mysteries of its inner workings. If your kids are learning about the human body in school, here are a few fun human body diagrams to help them along the way. Teachers are welcome to print these diagrams for their entire class.

All the diagrams on this website are free and available as medium resolution jpegs.


Printable Human Body Diagram

There’s a lot of human body diagrams floating around on the internet. Most of them are poorly drawn, pixelated and/or not appropriate for young children. This post fixes that small problem. Download these free printables to teach your kids about the workings of the human body.

The first human body diagram shows all of our basic body parts on the surface of our bodies: eyes, nose, hands, knees, etc.

Each diagram can be printed in color or black and white. You can choose the labeled version or the blank version for your kids/students to fill in.

As always, please click the images to go to download page in the printables library.


human body diagram human body diagram black and white

Human Body Diagram – Unlabeled

Next, we have an unlabeled human body diagram for kids to label.

unlabeled human body diagram human body diagram unlabeled black and white

Human Body Cut and Paste Activity

Finally, there’s a human body cut and paste activity for kids. Cut out the names of the body parts and paste them in the correct label slot.

human body cut and paste activity human body cut and paste



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