Free Printable Halloween Dot-to-Dot

October has arrived! In a few weeks, kids all over America will wander out of their homes, dressed in macabre decor. Halloween is upon us, the night of a thousand pint-sized beggars, scurrying across lawns all autumn gold, laden with pillow cases of candy treasure. As those of you with sharp memories surely recall, it is a fine time to be a kid.

But the celebration of Halloween begins long before October 31. Halloween really begins on October 1st, when the classroom gets decorated with plastic bats, foam pumpkins, and tissue paper ghosts.

Early October, when fall is in the air, and the worksheets and classroom activities become spooky. And if you’re a parent or a teacher looking for an extra-special Halloween themed activity to hand to your children, take at the printable Halloween Dot-to-Dot look below!

Printable Halloween Dot-to-Dot

Connect the dots to draw a wicked witch!

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes! And it comes to you in the shape of this fun and free printable Halloween dot-to-dot. Give it to youngsters learning how to count, or to kids who already know how to count, but just like completing dot-to-dots.

Once the dot-to-dots are all filled in, have your students color the evil wicked witch.

halloween dot-to-dot








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  1. Kristoffer Skytte

    Hi Tim,
    Great content. I can’t find the download link on this page. Can you please help. The images on the page are too low resolution to read the numbers.
    Thank you in advance,

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