Printable Halloween Addition Worksheet

Combine fun and learning with a printable Halloween addition worksheet!

A black & white freebie version of the Halloween addition worksheet has been provided at the bottom of the page. It is part of an even cooler digital download, Tim’s Halloween Addition Worksheet Generator! With this special PDF, you can create an endless number of addition math problems, perfect for early elementary school kids.

To download the color version, please purchase Tim’s Halloween Addition Worksheet Generator.

Halloween Addition Worksheet
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With one click of a button, a new set of math problems will be created. You can use it again and again, year after year.

The Halloween Addition Worksheet Generator comes in full color and also black & white. An answer key is also included.

The instructions are as follows: Help the Trick-or-Treaters run through the haunted cemetery to the bowl of candy. Solve the math problems along the way.

Create infinite addition worksheets, with a delightfully spooky Halloween theme!

This product is also available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Halloween Addition Worksheet

Black & White Freebie Version

Click on the worksheet to go to the download page for the Halloween Addition Worksheet Freebie.

Halloween Addition Worksheet

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