Pirate Printables

pirate printablesPrint these fun activities for the little pirates in your family. Write a pirate story on the pirate writing paper. Cut and paste the pirate stickers for a elementary school project. Make your own treasure chest, print an exciting treasure map, and learn about Blackbeard, the most famous pirate of them all!

Pirate Writing Paper

Pirate Writing Paper

Write a swashbuckling adventure tale, or a letter to that old pirate grandpa. This printable stationery paper is available in both lined and blank versions, in black and white or color. One version features a pirate boy, and the other features a pirate girl.

pirate coloring pages

Pirate Coloring Pages

Free printable pirate coloring pages that you can color online! Once you’ve completed the activity, you can send the color version to your printer.

printable pirate stickers

Printable Pirate Stickers

If your kids like arts and crafts, or are making a poster about pirates in school, download this set of printable pirate stickers. Cut out the stickers and paste them with a glue stick. The sticker sheet features 3 young pirates, a buccaneer dog, and lots of props.

treasure chest craft

Treasure Chest Craft

Create a treasure chest out of paper and cardboard. Includes all the templates you need, as well as step-by-step instructions with photos.

pirate treasure map

Printable Treasure Maps

Print a free cartoon pirate treasure map in color or black and white. Great as part of a goodie bag for a pirate themed birthday party.

pirate game

Pirate Memory Game

Create your own pirate memory game!

blackbeard facts for kids

Blackbeard Facts for Kids

Learn about the life of the famous 18th century pirate, Blackbeard, a.k.a Edward Teach.

blackbeard facts for kids

William Kidd Facts for Kids

Learn about the life of Captain William Kidd, the privateer turned pirate.






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