Christmas Bookmarks - A Fun Printable Christmas Craft for Kids

Christmas Bookmarks – A Fun Printable Christmas Craft for Kids

Christmas Eve is coming soon! If your kids enjoy reading, print these cheerful and free Christmas bookmarks for kids. This letter-sized printable contains 3 different bookmarks, available in color and black & white. The first bookmark depicts a young reindeer ...
Printable Christmas Cut and Paste Activity

Printable Christmas Cut and Paste Activity

If your kids like enjoy art crafts and imagination, they’ll surely enjoy this printable Christmas cut and paste activity from Tim’s Printables. This charming PDF activity contains a set of characters for children to cut out, and a North Pole ...
Christmas Cut Outs

Christmas Cut Outs

If your kids enjoy art and decorating, print these free Christmas cut outs. There are several different versions of these printable Christmas cut outs available. You can print them to make Christmas posters, decorate homemade Christmas cards, and to make ...
christmas step-by-step drawing tutorial

Christmas Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

It’s time for Christmas break. If drawing is one of your hobbies, turn on your printer and download these printable Christmas Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials.  Follow the steps and learn how to draw Santa Claus, two elves, Mrs. Claus, a penguin, ...
christmas memory game

Christmas Memory Game PDF Printable

This winter vacation, get into the creative flow by creating your very own Christmas Memory Game (a.k.a Christmas Matching Game). Who has a better memory, you or your opponent? Play this classic game of wits to find out who’s got ...
ufo coloring page

Printable Spaceship Coloring Pages – UFO’s, Rockets and More!

Download and print these new spaceship coloring pages for kids. Choose from three different coloring sheets: the UFO, the alien spaceship, or the rocket! Each one is available as a high-resolution PDF download for subscribing members of Tim's Printables. Not ...
superhero mask template black and white

Printable Superhero Mask Templates for Birthday Parties

Without his mask, a superhero is just a mild-mannered guy. So if your child is having a birthday, and you want to make him feel special, let him wear a mask. Of course, wearing a mask only makes sense if ...
Enjoy These Pirate Printables!

Enjoy These Pirate Printables!

A collection of twelve pirate printables for you to download. Print these pirate activities for your classroom, or a pirate-themed birthday party.  ...

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