Seamless Rope Textures / Repeating Rope Patterns for Photoshop

Hello to all you digital designers, Photoshop artists, matte painters, and creative creators, this freebie is for you: 3 unique seamless rope textures, aka repeating rope patterns. I guarantee that you’ve never seen these patterns before, since I took the photos myself on my Sony camera. Each pattern tile is 512 x 512 pixels.

Printable pencil toppers for kids | Free arts and crafts for kids

If you’re a parent or teacher looking for a fun and easy art project for your children, you may like these printable pencil toppers for kids. There are six different cartoon pencil toppers to choose from: A cartoon monkey, a cartoon frog, 2 cartoon pirates, another cartoon monkey, and a cartoon diver. Click on the images below to open up a high resolution version of the drawing.

Free printable chess boards and chess pieces for kids

On this page you will find free printable chess boards and chess pieces for kids. All you need to make this chess set is a printer, 8.5 x 11 paper, scissors and some tape. First choose the chess board you’d like to use. There are 3 color variations to choose from. There’s the standard wood (brown and white) chess board, a black and white chess board, and finally a red and black chess board.

Printable Pop Up Cards

So you want to make a pop up card? Well my friend, your exceptional web surfing skills have served you well, for this page will surely help you accomplish your noble creative goal. Not only does this page provide free printable pop up card templates, it also includes pop up card instructions and examples for your to print, cut, paste, and display. This is particularly beneficial to the artistically challenged, time-crunched, or lazy/practical creative layman.

Printable Paper Dice Template Pdf: Make Your Own 6, 10 & 12 Sided Dice

Make your own dice in this fun and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) art craft project for both kids and grownups. There are many printable paper dice templates to choose from: 6-sided, 10-sided, and 12-sided dice in black & white, ivory, red, blue and green. The 10 & 12 sided dice are particularly great for role playing board games.

Free Printable Word Searches for Kids

Now that the school year’s begun, it’s important to find new and entertaining ways to educated youngsters. These free printable word searches for kids will surely help with that goal. Expand your children’s vocabulary and problem solving skills in an exciting way. They’ll be too busy having fun to realize they’re learning.

Boys especially will take to these adventure themed word search puzzles featuring pirates, mummies, and underwater exploration. The word search word box is filled with words relevant to each theme. If a child isn’t familiar with some of these words, don’t worry. The definitions for each of the words is provided at the bottom of this page.

Rectangular Prism Template

Everything you ever wanted to know about rectangular prisms. Whether you’re a student learning about polyhedrons for the first time, or a parent who needs a recap, by the time you get to the end of this webpage, you’ll be an expert.

Blank Jigsaw Puzzle Templates | Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle for Free

Have you ever wanted to make your own custom jigsaw puzzles? Now you can with these blank jigsaw puzzle templates. There are nine printable templates to choose from, as well as a step-by-step puzzle-making tutorial.
Start by selecting one of the templates below. I recommend choosing the first template with 12 puzzle pieces. Since the tabs on the pieces are angular rather than rounded, they’re easy to cut out.

Printable Venn Diagram Template

If you’re a parent or a teacher looking for worksheets, here’s a free printable Venn Diagram template for you to download. You to print any of the twenty diagrams below. In order to download a template, click on one of the thumbnails to open up the pdf version of the printable Venn Diagram and save it to your computer.

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