Printable mazes for Kids – Free Maze Games for Children

Turn off the video games, the tv, and the xbox and return to a fun bit of classic entertainment that never gets old: printable mazes for kids. Click on any of the four maze games below to open up a high resolution PNG. Then right click and press “Save As” to save the image to your computer. The goal of the first maze activity is to guide Roger Rodent to a large chunk of Cave Man Blue Cheese. The second maze printable stars Tommy Tortoise, the unfortunate reptile who has parted with his shell. Zip through the galaxy with an alien in maze #3, and help him return to his planet home on the far reaches of the cosmos. Finally, aid the inept explorer, Greg Globetrot, through a dangerous Himalayan mountain maze challenge.

Printable Mazes for Kids

Printable Mazes for Kids
Roger Rodent is at again! That pesky thief is after the most succulent piece of cheese in the house. Can you help him conquer the labyrinth and appease his hunger?

Printable Maze Games for Kids
Poor Tommy Tortoise. A soccer ball bopped him on the head and knocked him clear out of his shell. Now he must retrieve his mobile home from the center of maze. Maybe you can lead the way?

Printable Mazes for Kids
Apollo the Alien is lost in the far reaches of the galaxy. Now he’s warping back home at the speed of light, but it’s a confusing road that lies ahead. Can you see to it that Apollo’s maze game has a happy ending?

Printable Mazes for Kids
Greg Globetrot, the world’s most reckless and forgetful explorer, is lost yet again. He took a wrong turn somewhere near Canberra, and now, well, he’s not sure how it’s possible, but he’s ended up in the Himalayas. Can you help this poor soul through the mountain caverns?


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2 thoughts on “Printable mazes for Kids – Free Maze Games for Children”

  1. Debby Jackson

    These are absolutely amazing I printed some and laminated them for my boys to do on our road trip this week

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