Microscope Parts Diagram PDF

With a microscope, you can discover the tiny world of cells and atoms that gives shape and form to us all. If you’re learning about the parts of a microscope in school, download the free printable microscope parts diagram pdf for students and teachers.

In this pdf, you will find 6 pages, each containing a microscope diagram that may help you prepare for a test or quiz. This set of worksheets is most likely best for middle school and early high school science and biology students.

Microscope Parts Diagram PDF – Content

  1. Microscope Parts Diagram – Color, Labeled
  2. Microscope Parts Diagram – Black and White, Labeled
  3. Blank Microscope for Labeling Diagram – Color
  4. Blank Microscope for Labeling Diagram – Black and White
  5. Unlabeled Microscope Illustration – Color
  6. Unlabeled Microscope Illustration – Black and White

Teachers, feel free to use this PDF for your classroom. These printables are free for personal and educational use. You may not resell them on Teachers Pay Teachers, or a similar site. If you would like to share this content, please do so by using a link to this page.

To download, simply click the green download button below. The PDF will open in your browser. From there you can send it to your printer, or save it to your computer.

Did You Know?

Common optical microscopes use a light beam to produce an image. Electron microscopes, on the other hand, use a beam of electrons to generate an image. For more info, please see the wikipedia article, Microscope.

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