Printable Color by Number Multiplication Worksheets PDF

Thanks to these printable color by number multiplication worksheets, learning the time tables doesn’t have to be a chore. With crayon or colored pencil in hand, kids can learn all the multiplication facts from tables 1-12. Each worksheet has been saved as PDF for easy printing and downloading. Jpeg versions are also available at 1200 x 927 dimensions.

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Color by Number Multiplication PDF #1 – Tables 1-4

This multiplication color by number activity depicts a monkey swinging through the trees. It contains multiplication problems from times tables 1 – 4.

color by number multiplication pdf

Please click here to see the answer key.

Color by Number Multiplication PDF #2 – Tables 5-8

Next, here we have a color by number featuring the mighty tyrannosaurus rex. This worksheet includes math problems from tables 5 through 8.

color by number multiplication

Jpeg VersionPDF Version

For the answer key, please click here.

Color by Number Multiplication PDF #3 – Tables 9-12

Math meets the Outback in color by numbers multiplication worksheet #3. Use the coloring guide to color the kangaroos.

color by number multiplication sheet

Jpeg VersionPDF Version

Please click here to view the answer key.

Color by Number Multiplication PDF #4 – Tables 1-12

This shark color by number multiplication activity has math problems from all 12 times tables.

multiplication color by number worksheet

Jpeg VersionPDF Version

You can see the answer key here.

Extra: Multiplication Tables Fact Sheet PDF

In case a bit of review is needed, here’s a useful multiplication tables fact sheet hand out you can print.

multiplication table hand out

Jpeg VersionPDF Version


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