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Notebook paper template. Here you will find six different sorts of notebook paper templates for you to download. Click on the page or pages you wish to download to open up the jpeg in your browser. Then save it to your computer. The first notebook  template sheet has lines spaces 0.5 inches apart. The second printable notebook paper sheet has lines spaced 0.375 inches apart. The third sheet has lines spaced 0.25 inches apart. Pages 4 through 6 are in color.
Whether you’ve run out of notebook paper at home, want to start a journal, or need lined paper for a graphic design, this free paper will save you some time and money. The paper is saved as 200 dpi jpegs. Therefore the quality will be quite nice when you print it.

Notebook Paper Template Collection

Notebook paper templateNotebook paper template
Notebook paper templateNotebook paper template

Notebook paper templateNotebook paper template
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Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you the best with your creative endeavors!

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  1. Thank you! I wanted this to use as a guide for writing letters. 🙂 Saves me all the work of ruling lines.

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