5th Grade Writing Prompts

On this page of Tim’s Printables you will find a printable 5th grade writing prompts PDF, ideal for creative writers, language arts teachers and homeschooling parents. The writing prompt worksheet contains 20 creative and original writing topics to inspire you. Some of these questions will encourage students to use their imaginations and place themselves in unique situations. Others are introspective, and was ask students to reflect on their own values and their understanding of the world.

Please click on the worksheet image below to open the PDF in your browser. You can also read online by scrolling down the webpage.

fifth grade writing prompts

5th Grade Writing Prompts List

  1. How has the internet changed the world?
  2. A old wizard dressed in a cloak approaches you. He says he can tell you the day, time and place of your death. Assuming he is telling the truth, would you want to know this information? Why or why not?
  3. You are a theme park engineer responsible for creating a new and exciting ride. What is your new park attraction called? Describe how it works, and why you think people will like it.
  4. What will life be like in the year 3000?
  5. Write a story with an anticlimactic ending.
  6. What would be the benefits of discovering that you glowed in the dark?
  7. If some people could walk through walls, how would this affect society?
  8. Describe a day in the life of a caveman.
  9. I walked into the saloon, and at the table sat the bandit. “One-eyed Frank, I’m here to collect the $5000 reward on your head.” One-eyed Frank stood up from his chair. Write what happens next.
  10. Write a ghost story.
  11. You are a contestant on a show called “Silly Questions.” Write a few of the questions asked by the host of show, along with your answers.
  12. Write an autobiographical limerick.
  13. Two siblings are arguing. What are they arguing about? Write down the point of view of each sibling.
  14. Write a fan-fiction sequel to your favorite movie.
  15. You are lost in the desert. Without food or water, you collapse on the sand. And only to make matters worse, a scorpion suddenly crawls out from underneath a rock and bites you. How do you survive?
  16. Write about your adventures climbing Mount Everest.
  17. Write an adventure about you and your grandfather that took place in the nursing home.
  18. The city is being attacked giant Plutonian dust mites. They’re crashing through the buildings and devouring cars. How do you stop them?
  19. A bottle floats to shore. In the bottle is a treasure map…
  20. What would happen to the world if books were made illegal?

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