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Where did summer go? In the hectic tussle of our busy lives, we zipped through June, ran through July, and now in August, the back to school signs are popping up like perennials. And whether you’re a teacher, parent or young student, there’s still so much to do in preparation for the big first day.

Meanwhile, hear at Dutch Renaissance Press (DRP), we’re working hard creating high quality free resources to help you kick off the school year with a roaring good start. Like Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, Tim and his team of artistic worker chimps are baking up batches of new goodies. But we’re not making Everlasting Gobstoppers. We’re drawing up exciting new educational games and worksheets, striving to fuse excitement, adventure and learning into every illustration, printable craft and kids activity.

The latest creation to come down the creative assembly line is a delightful collection of connect the dots worksheets for kids featuring cartoon animals. These new dot to dot printables are sure to bring a smile to children, and give them a bit of numbers practice along the way.

In order to save the connect the dots worksheets, please click on the image below to open up the high resolution pictures. Then press “Save Image As” to save the images to your computer. Finally, if you or your kids enjoyed these activities, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. You responses are always appreciated.


Cartoon Tiger Connect the Dots Worksheet

Connect the Dots Worksheets for Kids
Connect the dots on this ferocious tiger. He’s the most challenging dot to dot of the bunch, with 105 dots to connect.

Cartoon Turtle Connect the Dots for Kids

Connect the Dots Worksheets for Kids
Complete this illustration of Tommy the Turtle by connecting all 81 dots in the picture.

Cartoon Frog Dot to Dot Printable

Free Dot to Dot Printables
Sammy the super chill frog has lost some of his lines. Draw them back in by connecting the dots, all 59 of them.


Cartoon Bear Dot to Dot Game for Kids

Free Dot to Dot Printables
This drawing of Boris the bear is incomplete. Maybe you can finish it? This is the easiest of all the dot to dots, with only 45 dots to connect.


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