Cube Maze | Printable 3D Maze Puzzle

cube maze

If you enjoy mazes, check out this new challenge: the cube maze. Figure out how to get from start to finish by traveling across all six sides of the cube. And once you’ve completed challenge, you can create your own cube maze using the cube maze template, provided below.

This free craft was created for kids, students, parents, and teachers. You may download and print it for personal and educational use only. This craft may be an entertaining craft as part of a math or geometry unit, or for teachers teaching kids about puzzles and logic. Commercial use is prohibited.

Cube Maze – Black & White

To make the cube maze, first print the black and white or color printable. Cut out the t-shape maze. Fold the maze into a cube. Tape the edges that need to meet, and then try to solve the maze. To make your cube maze more durable, I suggest printing this craft onto cardstock paper.

Each printable has been saved as a PDF. To download one, click the image of the printable you wish to download. The PDF will open in your browser. From there you can save it to your computer, or send it to your printer.

cube maze

Cube Maze – Color

maze cube

Cube Maze Template

Ready to create your own cube maze? Print out the template below. Figure our a maze that can be solved when it is constructed into a cube. It’s a bit tricky to visualize the 2D shape in its 3D form, but with a little practice, you’ll figure it out. Once you’ve got your maze complete, trace over it on a new piece of paper. (You don’t want those blue lines on your final maze cube.) Cut out your maze and make it into a cube. Share it with your friends and family, and see if they can solve your puzzle.

cube maze template



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