Blank Face Templates

If the kiddos are heading back on the large yellow bus, it’s time to get back to learning. And if you’re a teacher, this means you’re looking for new and exciting ways to engage your new students from the moment they step in the door.

The following blank face templates can be use for a variety of back to school activities / ice-breakers.

I’ve provided several different sizes of the blank face templates, so they may be used for a variety of creative art projects. At the bottom of the page I’ve listed a few popular uses for these face shapes.

Free Printable Face Templates

Face printables
1-Inch Face Printables
Face shapes for kids
2-Inch Face Printables
printable face stencils
3-Inch Face Printables
Face printable sheet
4-Inch Face Printables
blank Face template
5-Inch Face Shape
Face shape stencil
6-Inch Face Shape
Face outline
7-Inch Face Stencil
Face Templates / Face Shape Printables
8-Inch Face Stencil


Face Template Activity Ideas

1. Learning Names Activity: You can use these face printables to help your new students learn each other’s names. Let your students draw themselves and label their self-portrait with their name. Then let the other students try and match the artwork with the artist.

2. All About Me Activity: If you’re planning an All About Me Unit, ask the kids to draw a self-portrait. Then in the white space around their portrait, ask them to draw the things they like.

3. Emotions Unit: If you kids are learning about feelings and emotions, print the 2-inch or 3-inch face templates. Ask your kids to draw the various emotions: happy, sad, angry, surprised etc.

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