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If you need hand template for your art project or lesson plan, you’re welcome to print any of the free hand templates below.

Hands represent work and the things we do. There’s a reason we have expressions such as “Lend a helping hand,” and “The future is in your hands.” Hands also represent growth; When we’re young our parents make an impression of our hands in clay, so that many years later we can look back and realize just how small we were.

Blank Hand Template

These handprint templates have been saved as PDF files for easy printing. To download a template, click on a hand image. The corresponding PDF will open in your browser. From there you can save it to your browser, or send it to your printer.

The first hand printable is a basic black and white blank hand template. Kids can draw a picture or write a short paragraph inside the hand.

Hand Template
Blank Hand Template – PDF

The next printable is of both the right and left hand.

hands template
Hands Template – PDF

Here’s a set of four hand pairs, in case you need lots of little hands.

blank hand template
Hand Templates – PDF

Handprint Templates – Color

Decorate your classroom walls and bulletin boards with these color handprint templates.

Hand Templates

Hand Templates Printable

Handprint Template Printable

Handprint Template

Printable Hand Template


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6 thoughts on “Blank Hand Template Printables | Handprint Templates”

  1. Thanks so much for the template. It is unfortunate that you can not link your site to another for future reference.

  2. Thank you, just what I was looking for. I am going to add senses to each finger for our class discussion. I then discovered your coloured hand prints, to which I am going to add numbers on each finger to use as an aid for counting and addition. Many thanks.


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