Christmas Wreath Template Printable for Holiday Arts and Crafts

christmas wreath template craft

Christmas-themed printables are among the most popular items on the site, and for good reason. The various Christmas symbols known to so many: bells, candy canes, reindeer, Santa Claus, elves, presents etc., make for charming decorations and crafts for both kids and grown ups to enjoy. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the newly illustrated Christmas Wreath Template printable for arts and crafts. Your kids or students can cut out all the Christmas items surrounding the wreath, and paste them onto the template to create their own unique designs.

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Christmas Wreath Template

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Text link: Christmas Wreath Template

christmas wreath template printable

For best results, print the Christmas wreath onto construction paper. This download has been saved as a vector PDF. This means you can scale or shrink it to any size without loss of quality! 

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Have a wonderful winter holiday season! I hope these printables will help your kids create their own works of art.

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