Circle Templates

If you’re working on a creative craft or school project and need a printable circle template, this is the place to be. This page contains a collection of printable circle templates, with several sizes to choose from. The circle templates are fit on a letter-sized 8.5″ x 11″ page and saved as a pdf file for your convenience. Click on the images below to go to a template’s download page.

There are 9  templates to choose from. The first template contains a set of circles with 1-inch diameters. These could be useful as printable math counters, play money for kids, or as tokens for a homemade game. Next, there is a set of 1.5-inch circles. These could be handy as wheels for a paper car craft. The following circle template contains 2-inch circles, which would work well as circle name tags if printed on sticker paper. The third page contains circles with 3-inch diameters, a suitable size for designing your own circular stamps.

The fourth page has 4-inch circles, which may be helpful if you’re making drink coasters. The last template is an 8-inch circle template, a fitting size for doodles and drawings, and printable signs. The circle stencils are useful tools for drawing.

Finally, if you need a template for another shape, please visit the Geometric Shape Templates page.

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Printable Circle Templates

You can download each circle template as an individual PDF file below, or together as a combined PDF.

Circle Template Printable
1-Inch Circles
circle templates 1.5-inch
1.5-Inch Circles
printable circle sheet
2-Inch Circles
blank circle chart
3-Inch Circles
circle printable
4-Inch Circles
Circle Stencil PDF
5-Inch Circles
printable circle template
6-Inch Circle
printable circle template
7-Inch Circle



printable circle template
8-Inch Circle




Project Ideas

Here are a few fun craft ideas that you can make with the help of the above templates.

  • Cut and paste snowman – Use the circles as a the body for a snowman.
  • Board game spinner – Divide the circle into sections and create a spinner for a board game. You could also use a pie chart template for this.
  • Play money – Draw your own coins and create play money.
  • Cut and paste car or truck – Design your own truck and use the circle templates as a basis for the wheels.
  • Facial expression drawing practice – Practice drawing various cartoon faces on each of the circles.
  • Design your own planet – Decorate the circles, turning them into exotic and strange planets.
  • Coaster design – Design your own coaster. Once you’re happy with the design, engrave it into wood.
  • Make your own pogs – Remember pogs? Back in elementary school, we’d glue pieces of thin cardboard together and turn them into pogs. If it was cool in the 90s, it’s probably still cool now.
  • Caterpillar cut and paste – Use the circles as the basis for a caterpillar craft.


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