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If you’re trying to set constructive and achievable goals for school, a SMART Goals worksheet can help you do accomplish this. SMART helps you create goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Please see further down the page for additional information about these categories. I also provided a SMART Goals Example PDF for you to use as a reference. Teachers are welcome to print multiple copies of this worksheet for their students.

Free SMART Goals Worksheet

Click on the SMART Goals worksheet to open the PDF version. Once the PDF has loaded in your browser, you can send it to your printer or save it to your computer.

smart goals worksheet

SMART Goals Example

If you’re not sure how to complete your SMART Goals worksheet, take a look at this example.

smart goals example

SMART GOALS Categories


  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • Why do I want to accomplish this?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What are the constraints?


  • How will I measure my progress?
  • How will I know when the goal is accomplished?


  • How can the goal be accomplished?
  • What are the logical steps I should take?


  • Is this a worthwhile goal?
  • Is this the right time?
  • Do I have the necessary resources to accomplish this goal?
  • Is this goal in line with my long term objectives?


  • How long will it take to accomplish this goal?
  • When is the completion of this goal due?
  • When am I going to work on this goal?

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