George Washington Coloring Page

George Washington Coloring Page

george washingtonGeorge Washington, now there’s a successful guy. Not everyone gets to have state and a capital named after him, nor have his likeness printed on the one dollar bill. In order to accomplish that, you’ve got to do something truly extraordinary. But that’s just what George Washington did. Not only did he kick British butt throughout the Revolutionary War, he also became the first president of the United States. Not too shabby for a guy with wooden teeth. (Actually, historians doubt that this was true. His teeth were probably made from ivory, gold, or lead.)

Today’s fun a free printable is a George Washington coloring page. If you like coloring, and you like George Washington, this is definitely for you. To all the young students and budding scholars in the audience, you’re welcome to print this drawing for a school project or report. Homeschooling parent and teachers, please feel free to print this coloring page and hand it to your students.

George Washington Coloring Page

George Washington Coloring Page
George Washington Coloring Page – Jpeg

George Washington Drawing Tutorial

how to draw george washington drawing tutorialIf you or your kids would like to learn how to draw this illustration in a step-by-step tutorial, you can purchase the How to Draw George Washington PDF tutorial on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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