Lion Coloring Pages

lionBehold, the mighty lion, king of the jungle, with his own set of coloring pages! All you young cubs out there, grab your markers, your crayons, and your creative brains; it’s time to bring these free printable lion coloring pages to life with vibrant hues. But don’t limit yourself to the color combinations you see in nature. A lion’s mane doesn’t need to be orange, nor does its fur have to be gold. Why not a green mane, and a turquoise coat? The choice is yours.

Lion Coloring Pages

Click one of the lion coloring pages below to open a larger version in your browser. Right-click on the image, and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. Then, open the coloring page using an image viewing program in order to print.


lion coloring pages

Lion Coloring Page

Lion PictureCopyright & Terms of Use

Each lion coloring page was drawn by Tim van de Vall, and are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press LLC. You may print and save these images for personal and educational use only. You may not post these coloring pages on your own website, nor use them for commercial purposes. If you wish to share this content, please do so by including a link to this webpage.

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