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If you’ve got a young son who likes to color, I’ll bet he’ll enjoy today’s printables: Robot Coloring Pages! The first coloring page is the complete illustration. The rest of the coloring pages are crops of the first, focusing on different parts of the original picture.

Whenever I illustrate for kids, I try to recall back my own childhood, and think,”What would I have liked to color when I was 5?” I think I would have enjoyed coloring this robot coloring page back then. A colossal classic robot attacking a city during a thunderstorm. Spitfires roaring across the skies, and meanwhile the high tide comes crashing in. Yes, this truly is an epic scene, PG-style.

Robot Coloring Pages

Downloading Instructions: To download one of these robot coloring pages, right-click on one of the pictures and press “Save Link As…” A high resolution jpeg will be saved to your computer. Open it in your favorite image viewing program, and then send it to your printer. When printing, be sure to scale the image to fit to your printer paper.

Robot Coloring Page

Here’s a close up of the sinister robot. Notice the convenient on and off switch by his neck. If there’s any heroes out there hoping to save the city, that’ll do it.

Free Robot Coloring Page

Printable Robot Coloring Page

The style of this robot reminds me of the early 90s cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. I think there may have been a similar-looking robot in “Ducktales.” Robot Coloring Pages for KidsIf you like these coloring pages, take a look at the rest of Tim’s Coloring Pages.

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These robots coloring pictures were drawn by Tim van de Vall, and are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press LLC. The printables on this site are provided free of charge for your personal and educational enjoyment. Commercial use is not allowed.

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