Printable Vampire Coloring Pages

vampire coloring pagesHalloween is coming soon! Treat your students and kids to these free printable vampire coloring pages. Delightfully scary without being disturbing, these fun printables will keep young artists entertained for a good while.

These vampire coloring pages are free for personal and educational purposes only, and were illustrated by Tim van de Vall.

Vampire Coloring Pages for Halloween

Featuring the infamous Count Dracula!

With gaunt cadaverous skin, pale and clammy, the vampire stalks through the Victorian underworld. Beneath moon-spangled cloak, this wretched undead monster moves through cobblestone alleys, casting no shadow, leaving no reflection in the lifeless 4-pane windows. His nostrils flare. He can smell it from a mile away. The rusty scent of blood.



Dracula Coloring Page

Color Bram Stoker’s gothic vampire!

Should this grim immortal ever cross your path, remember that a vampire can be fended off with garlic. Sunlight burns their skin, and if you happen to be carrying a cross or a stake, you’re in luck. If not, you’d better run.

Halloween would not be complete without vampires, but perhaps it’s best if we only see them in fiction novels, movies, and coloring pages.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Dracula Coloring Page
Vampire Coloring Page #2

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