Praying Mantis Dot-to-Dot

Recreate one of nature’s more bizarre insects by completing this praying mantis dot-to-dot. With large, alien-like eyes and sinister green saw blade hands, identifying the praying mantis as a pious bug is a misnomer that naturalists are still terribly ashamed of. By that same logic, the penguin should be called the fighter-ace bird, panda dubbed the dynamically virile carnivore, and all turkeys should henceforth be titled Einstein raptors.

In fact, naturalists are so embarrassed by the name praying mantis, that in recent years, they’ve tried to brush the whole thing under the rug by diverting the world’s attention to another misnomer called Global Warming. The significantly more accurate term for this phenomenon being, the We-Don’t-Really-Know-Anything-But-Our-Graphs-Look-Pretty Problem.

But what of the term mantis? What is a mantis anyway? In lieu of doing any adequate research, we turn to Wikipedia, where we discover that there are over 2,400 different species of mantis, each with its own set of adorable serrated appendages. Mantises share a favorite hobby with French Revolutionist Robespierre; That is, they both really like beheading things. Mantises then take it a step further by eating their victims, which Robespierre was not known to do, unless, of course, he was beheading a snail. (If you ever manage to make your way to Paris, ask for the Escargot a la Guillotine. It’s to die for.)

Well, that’s about enough rambling to satiate the SEO gods. This praying mantis dot-to-dot has 314 dots to connect. Print it for yourself, your kids, your grandma, your neighbor, your dog, and definitely share it with your pet praying mantis, if you have one. Of all bugs in the world, I think the praying mantis would be best equipped to actually hold a pencil. Of course you’d have to train it not to decapitate the end of the pencil and then eat the eraser. I don’t think erasers are good for praying mantises. In fact, erasers shouldn’t be part of anyone’s diet.

Download your Praying Mantis Dot-to-Dot below. Answer on page 2. PDF format.

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