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Printable Easter Egg Templates

Easter is just around corner. How are you going to celebrate the holiday? If you like arts and crafts, these printable Easter Egg templates may help you make your awesome crafts even awesomer! After all, eggs are really tricky to draw by hand.

Kids: Take a look at that first Easter Egg template, the giant egg on the page. Can you draw the baby chick inside? Or maybe it’s not a chick at all, maybe it’s an Easter dragon. Or maybe there’s a bunny in this egg. Why not? In your imagination, it’s okay to bend the rules.

Parents: If your kids like to draw, why not let them design their own Easter Egg patterns? Print the sheet with 6 blank Easter Egg Templates below.

Teachers: Hello to all my teacher visitors! Are you scouting the web in search of neat Easter printables for your classroom? I’ve got good news for you, friends. All the printables on this page are free for educational use. Print as many as you need for your class. No need to sign in, or register. Just save and print. Happy holidays!

Artists: Greetings, fellow artists! If you’re painting an Easter scene and need to make an egg stencil, one of these Easter Egg templates should do the trick. Or if you like to make decorations, print the color Easter Egg printables below.

Easter Egg Templates

Download Instructions: To download an Easter Egg Template, click on the template below. The corresponding PDF will open in your browser. These printables scale to fit standard 8.5×11 letter sized paper.

The first Easter Egg template is a giant egg on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. A simple printable, yes, but full of potential. Kids can draw an easter scene or write a story inside. Parents can use this large egg as part of a church poster or Easter party invitation. That’s just a few ideas, but of course, there’s many more possibilities.

Easter Egg Template

Next we have 6 eggs on a page. This printable will let kids design their own Easter Eggs. Parents and Teachers, if you want to make Easter flash cards, making egg-shaped flash cards could be neat.

Easter Egg Templates

And here are the 6 Easter Eggs with some designs of my own. These are for the kids who like to color.

Easter Egg Template Printable

Next we’ve got 6 full color Easter Egg designs. Teachers can print these as Easter decorations for a bulletin board, or for the classroom door.

Easter Egg Printables

Finally, here we have a cracked Easter Egg template. This could be neat for an Easter Craft for kids, where the kids create a baby chick out of construction paper to place behind the egg.

Easter Egg Printable

That’s all the printables for today! But don’t worry, there are many more to come in the near future.

Until then, have a wonderful Easter Holiday!

– Tim

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