Cowboy Drawing Tutorial – How to Draw a Cowboy

The Wild West is synonymous with adventure. Cowboys, gunslingers, deadly duels and train robbers all thrown together in dusty desert boom towns. If you like drawing and want to create your own wild west scene, try your hand at this fun and easy cowboy drawing tutorial.

You can download the tutorial as a jpeg or a PDF, or follow online below.

Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids - CowboyWorksheet Title: Draw an Cowboy – Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids
Illustrated by: Tim van de Vall
Created: 7/13/15
Description: Learn how to draw a cowboy from the wild west.
Target Audience: Kids, ages 6 and up
Format: PDF & Jpeg
File Size: Less than 1 megabyte
Free for educational purposes.
Download: Draw a Cowboy.pdf | Download: Draw a Cowboy.jpeg

How to Draw a Cowboy

Learn how to draw a cowboy in nine simple steps. You can download a PDF or jpeg version of the tutorial, or follow online by scrolling down the page. Before we begin, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need: Pencil, paper, eraser, and crayons.

Step 1. Let’s start by drawing a hat, two small ovals for eyes, and a mustache, as seen below.

draw a cowboy

Step 2. Draw in a line for the ribbon around the hat. Add in the cowboy’s nose, and draw the outline of his face. Draw the thin lines under his eyes.  drawing tutorial for kids

Step 3. Include the cowboy’s eyebrows, his hair and his ears. Then add his bandana.  how to draw a cowboy

Step 4. Time to draw the upper body of the cowboy, including a vest and a belt. Also draw the knotted end of his bandana.  printable drawing tutorials

Step 5. Draw the sleeves of his shirt, his belt buckle, and his pants.  learn to draw

Step 6. Now finish his arms. Draw his shoes, and a few more details: his sheriff’s badge, and the lines on his sleeves and pants.  free drawing lessons for kids

Step 7. A few finishing touches for the cowboy: Draw the spurs on his boots and the pistols on his waist. Then start to pencil the background scenery.  draw a cowboy

Step 8. Finish adding details to the background.  easy drawing tutorials

Step 9. Last step! Coloring time.  easy drawing tutorials

And there you have it! Congratulations, you now know how to draw a gun slinging cowboy!

Thanks for following my drawing tutorial! Feel free to check out more of them by following the link below.

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