Adding 1 Worksheet

When a young student is learning how to add, it’s important to start with the very basics. In these free printable Adding 1 Worksheets for first grade students, kids will practice adding the number 1. Through repetition and practice, your kids/students will grasp this fundamental concept.

These worksheets are provided free for personal and educational purposes, and may be useful for homeschooling parents, teachers and math tutors. Once you’ve downloaded the worksheets you need, please browse or search the site. There are hundreds of other neat printables for your kids and students to enjoy!

Adding 1 Worksheet Adding 1 Worksheets

Below you will find 4 printable worksheets, along with their answer keys, in PDF format. Each worksheet has 18 math problems, where students practice adding the number 1 to various addends. Teachers, you’re welcome to print multiple copies of each worksheet for all the students in your classroom.

Download: Adding 1 Worksheet #1 – PDF
Download: Adding 1 Worksheet #2 – PDF
Download: Adding 1 Worksheet #3 – PDF
Download: Adding 1 Worksheet #4 – PDF



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