Free Printable Addition Worksheets with Pictures – PDF

Help your kids learn how to add with these fun addition worksheets with pictures. There are four worksheets to choose from. In each worksheet, students will be asked add up two sets of objects, including apples, starfish, pieces of cake, and smart phones, with sums up to 20.

These worksheets may be downloaded for free for personal and educational purposes. Parents can download them for their kids as extra addition practice, or as review over the summer. Teachers, you may print as many of these worksheets as you need for your entire classroom.

Addition Worksheets with Pictures

Each worksheet has been saved as a printable PDF, and the answer key is included on the second page. Please click a worksheet to open the PDF in your browser.

addition worksheets with pictures
Add the Apples!
first grade addition worksheets
Add the starfish!
free addition worksheets with pictures
Add the pieces of cake!
Add the cell phones!

Terms of use – For personal and educational purposes only.

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