Five Senses Worksheets for Kids, plus 5 Senses Craft

Sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Learning about the five senses is an essential part of early education. There’s already a bunch of 5 senses worksheets, crafts and printables out there, but many of them are rather poorly illustrated. I wanted to fix that problem, and so here you are: A set of five senses worksheets for preschool and elementary school teachers. There are 5 different worksheets available below.  Each worksheet comes in both color and black and white. Download the one that’s best for your classroom, or print them all.

Free Five Senses Worksheets

In this first worksheet, students can cut and paste the senses in the correct spot on the drawing. Please click a worksheet image to go to its corresponding download page in the Printables Library.

5 senses worksheet five senses worksheet

Match the body parts with the senses.
five senses activity5 senses activity

Match the pictures with the words.

printable five senses worksheet printable 5 senses worksheet

Match the pictures that best go together.

five senses printable 5 senses printable


Five Senses Craft

Cut and paste the nose, eyes, ears, hands, and mouth. Then label the picture. If you’ve printed the black and white version for your kids, color!

five senses craft five senses cut and paste

You can also find these worksheets in the Printables Library.


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