Circle Label Template

Need to make your own circle labels? Then take a look at these free printable circle label templates. We’ve got the circles you need! 1-Inch Circle Labels, 2-Label Circle Labels, 3-Inch Circle Labels, and yes, even 4-Inch Circle Labels. Save yourself a trip to the office supplies store! And save your money too. With a free PDF download, you can print as many circles as you need, absolutely free. That’s the power of the Internet for you. You can print this handy labels for any personal and educational project. They’re great for kids making school posters, and homeschooling parents and teachers making crafts for their students. Commercial use is prohibited. (You can however, use them in a business setting. For instance if you make name tags using these labels, that ‘s perfectly fine. Just don’t go and sell these sheets.) Thanks for stopping by Tim’s Printables!

Printable Circle Label Templates

1-inch Circle Template
1-Inch Circle Labels – PDF
printable circle label templates
2-Inch Circle Labels – PDF



blank circle chart
3-Inch Circle Label Templates – PDF
Circle printable
4-Inch Circle Label Templates – PDF

If you want to make sure that your labels last a really long time, print them on card stock paper and laminate them. If you want to make professional looking labels and have an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop of Illustrator, type your label text before printing. If not, just write neatly with a Sharpie. That’s the old fashioned way, but it still works fine.


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