Circle Template Printable

Check out this set of free circle template printable PDFs. A circle is impossible to free hand. So if you don’t have a computer program that can draw a perfect circle for you, it can be hard to make a circle for your creative project. Fortunately for you, I do have such a program, called Adobe Illustrator, with which I can make mathematically perfect circles. And I’ve used it to create a set of free circle template printables for all the arts and crafts people out there to use. These circle sheets are free to print for personal and educational purposes.  To open a PDF, click on the circle printable of your choice. There are 6 PDFs to choose from. They make great stencils for cutting circles out of cardboard, construction paper, and wood. So there you have it. Free circles. Now I’ll let you get back your creative work at hand. Have a great day!

Free Circle Template Printables – PDF

circle template printable
1″ Circle Template Printables – PDF
printable circles
2″ Circle Template Printables – PDf
3″ Circle Printables – PDF
circle stencils to print
4″ Circle Printables – PDF
circle printable sheet
8″ Circle – PDF
circle outline image
Circles – Various Sizes – PDF


If you need a bit of creative inspiration, here are a few art project ideas you can make using these circle template printables. You can use them to make printable stickers, pogs, booklets, jewelery, decorations, game tokens, pirate eye patches, origami, paper crafts and a thousand other things. Your limit is your imagination.

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