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No haunted house would be complete without some scary spiders dangling from the ceiling. If you and your kids like decorating the house for Halloween and enjoy making crafts, print out some of these fun and creepy Halloween Spider Templates! I chose to draw a black widow for these printables, because the black widow is a well-known and highly venomous spider, and thus appropriate for Halloween.

For your convenience, I’ve provided the spider pictures in both black and white and color, in four different sizes. To download a template, simply click the image of the printable you wish to download. The PDF version will open in your browser. Then save it to your computer or send it right to your printer.

These printables were created as a creative resource for kids, parents and teachers. They are free to print for any personal and educational art project and craft. Commercial use is prohibited.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Halloween Spider Templates

Here’s a set of black and with spider printables. Kids can color these spiders, or use them as a stencil for making a spider out of cardboard or another material.

Halloween Spiders
2″ Halloween Spider Templates – PDF
Halloween Spider Template
3″ Halloween Spider Templates – PDF
Spider Template Printable
4″ Halloween Spider Templates – PDF
Spider Template
8″ Halloween Spider Template – PDF

Halloween Spider Decorations

And now some full color Halloween spider clip art decorations. If you want use these every Halloween, I suggest printing them on cardstock and laminating them, so they’ll last a long time.

Spider Pictures
2″ Halloween Spider Decorations – PDF
Halloween Spider Decorations
3″ Halloween Spider Decorations – PDF
Spider Clipart
4″ Halloween Spider Decorations – PDF
Spider Clip Art
8″ Halloween Spider Decorations – PDF



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