Pumpkin Outline | Pumpkin Clip Art – Black and White

pumpkin outlinesWelcome to the digital pumpkin patch. Here you’ll find a convenient set of free printable pumpkin outlines: the raw materials you need to make creative Halloween crafts with your students, children or grandkids. Take a look down the page, and you’ll see eight 8.5” x 11” letter-sized PDF sheets that you can print. Each sheet contains a collection of pumpkin outlines, ranging in size from 1-inch pumpkins to a large 8-inch pumpkin. Cut out these simple pumpkin shapes for Halloween cards, decorations, stickers, flash cards, booklets. Use them as a template to create a pumpkin out of cardboard, cloth or felt.

Note: These printables are free for Personal and Educational Use only. Commercial use is prohibited.


Pumpkin Outlines

Pumpkin Clip Art Black and White
1-Inch Pumpkin Outlines – PDF
Printable Pumpkin Pictures
2-Inch Pumpkin Outlines – PDF
Pumpkin Outlines
3-Inch Pumpkin Outlines – PDF
Free Pumpkin Clip Art
4-Inch Pumpkin Outlines – PDF

Pumpkin Clip Art – Black and White

Pumpkin Outline Printable
5-Inch Pumpkin Clip Art – Black and White – PDF
Pumpkin Outline
6-Inch Pumpkin Clip Art – Black and White – PDF
Pumpkin Decoration
7-Inch Pumpkin Clip Art – Black and White – PDF
Image of Pumpkin
8-Inch Pumpkin Clip Art – Black and White – PDF

Halloween Craft Ideas

There are many things you can create with these basic pumpkin shapes. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination!

1. Print the large 8″ pumpkin, and let your kids draw a face on it, turning it into a jack o lantern.

2. If you’re making a Halloween game with your kids, cut out the 2″ pumpkins as game tokens or game cards.

3. Print the 3″ pumpkins and write multiplication problems on them, turning them into Halloween math flash cards.

4. Print the small 1″ pumpkins and glue them on homemade Halloween cards.

5. Create a fun Halloween decoration by writing each letter of the word “Halloween” onto a pumpkin, and then stringing them together.

Terms of Use

These pumpkin outline images were illustrated by Tim van de Vall, and are Copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press. They made be used for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

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