Pumpkin Templates

Print a pumpkin template for your creative Fall or Halloween arts and crafts activities. Pumpkins are a tricky thing to draw. To help you out, I’ve created a convenient collection of pumpkin template sheets. Each sheet contains a set of cut-out pumpkins in various sizes. Find the size you need for your art project. Print it. Cut out the pumpkins, and then continue on with your creative craft.

These pumpkin templates has been saved as an 8.5” x 11” PDF, so you can print it right from your browser.

Free Printable Pumpkin Templates

Below you will find 8 pumpkin templates, each containing different sized pumpkins. The first pumpkin printable has little 1-inch wide pumpkins. These would make great glue-on stickers for a classroom art project. Next we have the 2-inch wide pumpkin sheet. These pumpkins would make perfect game tokens for a home-made halloween game.The third set of paper pumpkins had 3-inch wide pumpkins, which you can print as name tags for a Halloween party for kids, or for a fun set of Halloween flash cards. The 4-inch pumpkin pictures could be used to make a Halloween mini-book, or as a background for a gift certificate or Halloween card. Print the 5-inch pumpkin template as wall decorations, or as decorations for a classroom bulletin board. 6-inch printable pumpkins are great as pumpkin coloring pages for preschoolers. Cut out the 7-inch paper pumpkin as a stencil for a pumpkin-shape kids book. Finally the 8-inch large pumpkin template would make a great Halloween poster or place mat.

Pumpkin Template to Print
1-Inch Pumpkins
Pumpkin Templates
2-Inch Pumpkins
Paper Pumpkin
5-Inch Pumpkin
Pumpkin Template
6-Inch Pumpkin
Pumpkin Template Printable
7-Inch Pumpkin
Large Pumpkin Template
8-Inch Pumpkin


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