Halloween Spider Outline | Spider Silhouette

Halloween is a special holiday for kids. You get to dress up like a monster, stay up late, and hassle adults for candy. What could be better than that? If you’re decorating the house in preparation for this spooky holiday, download some of these free printable spider outlines. These cut out spiders are available in many different sizes for your convenience. Choose from the white spider stencils or the black spider silhouettes. Teachers are also welcome to use these spider shapes in their classroom Halloween activities and decorations.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween Spider Outline Stencils

You can download these spider shapes by click an image below. A PDF version of the printable will open in your browser. For best results and durability, print on cardstock and laminate. That way you can use these shapes every Halloween!

Spider Shape
2″ Spider Outlines – PDF
Spider Printable
3″ Spider Outlines – PDF
Spider Stencil
4″ Spider Outlines – PDF
Spider Outline
8″ Spider Outline – PDF


Halloween Spider Silhouettes

Here we have some creepy spider silhouettes for decorating the house or a classroom bulletin board.

Spiders for Halloween
2″ Spider Silhouettes – PDF
Spider Stencils
3″ Spider Silhouettes – PDF
Black Widow Silhouette
4″ Spider Silhouettes – PDF
Spider Silhouette
8″ Spider Silhouette – PDF

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