Printable Witch Silhouette

Something wicked this way comes. What is it? What is it? No, not a Shakespeare play, nor a Ray Bradbury novel, but a pack of evil witch silhouettes!

Print a wicked witch silhouette for your Halloween decorations or art project. They’re free to print for personal and educational purposes. Have a Happy Halloween!

Printable Witch Silhouettes

Spooooky Halloween Decorations

Print any of these cackling sinister witches for your Halloween arts and crafts. Pin them on spooky bulletin boards for elementary school. Paste them on Halloween posters or trace them onto cardboard to create a witch cut out prop.

Witch Silhouette Template

witch silhouettehalloween witch silhouette

printable witch silhouette stencil

halloween witch

Recommended Uses

Creative Halloween Ideas
  1. Make Candy Decorations – Scale down the circular witch silhouettes. Cut them out and paste them on top of lollipops to hand to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween Night.
  2. Draw Your Own Witch – Trace the outline of the witch silhouette onto a sheet of paper. Practice drawing by filling in the details of the witch inside the outline.
  3. Halloween Goody Bags – Paste the Witch Silhouette on brown paper lunch bags filled with candy to create Hallowen goody bags for the kids.

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