Printable Witch Templates & Halloween Witch Decorations

Are you decorating for Halloween? Then check out these free Halloween witch decorations and witch templates.

You can download these fun witch images as pumpkin stencils, Halloween door decorations, or classroom wall art.

Once you’ve printed these cartoon cackling hags, cut them out and paste them onto cardboard to create durable Halloween witch decor that you can reuse every October 31st.

Printable Witch Templates

For Halloween Crafts & Art Projects

Here an old witch stirring a poisonous brew. There a witch on her broomstick. Color them, paste them onto Halloween cards, and add them to any personal and educational project your can dream up.

Pictures of Witches

Witch Outline

Witch Template

Printable Halloween Witch Decorations

For decorating haunted houses & classrooms.

Now for some colorful witch vignettes and printable witch cutout stickers. Add them to Halloween posters, Halloween banners etc. You can also use this witch clip art in educational newsletters for the spooky month of October.

Halloween Witch SilhouettesWitch Shapes

Halloween Witches
Suggestions? Recommendations? New creative ideas? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Enjoy the brisk autumn weather, and happy trick or treating! – Tim

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