How to Draw Santa Claus in 8 Easy Steps

In this drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw Santa Claus in 8 easy steps. You can follow the tutorial online, or print the Santa Claus drawing tutorial by clicking the tutorial image below. Print this handout for your kids or students as a fun winter holiday drawing activity. This drawing would also look great on a handmade card for grandparents or other family.


how to draw Santa

How to Draw Santa

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to draw Santa. The new lines you need to draw are colored black. The lines that have already been drawn in previous steps are blue.

Step 1. Start by drawing the line for Santa’s hat, the outlines of his eyes, noise, mustache, ear, and hair, as shown below.

Christmas drawing activity

Step 2. Draw a second line to finish the white decorative section of Santa’s hat. Draw pupils in his eyes. Add a few bits of hair to his mustache and beard.

Santa Claus drawing tutorial

Step 3. Continue drawing Santa’s hat. Draw dots of light in his pupils, and start drawing his eyebrows.

xmas printables

Step 4. Finish drawing Santa’s eyebrows. Add a few more lines to his hat and his beard.

Santa drawing activity for kids

Step 5. Time to start drawing the white fuzzy thing at the end of Santa’s hat. also draw a curved line for his mouth, and a few more strokes for his beard.

learn how to draw Santa Claus

Step 6. Draw in Santa’s tongue, and finish the decorative fluffy thing on the end of Santa’s hat. A few more lines for his beard.


christmas handouts for kids

Step 7. Almost done! Draw the outline of Santa’s white coat lapel, the line for his lip, and a few more line for his body and beard.


Santa pictures for kids

Step 8. A couple more lines to finish Santa’s body and his beard, and your drawing of Santa Claus is complete!

winter holiday activity

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