About Dutch Renaissance Press LLC

Tim’s Printables is part of Dutch Renaissance Press LLC, a small digital publisher of all-ages entertainment for kids.

Our office is in an old lighthouse, just off the coast. Most of our staff is comprised of a wide assortment of animals, all of whom receive wages and benefits far superior to those of both Wonka’s Oompaloompas, and Santa’s Elves.

ducks-ideas-300Ducks come up with ideas.

Research is conducted by the Monkeys.

Writing is done by the Otters.

Our editors are Sharks, who check for spelling errors.

Rhinoceroses run the Inking Department, inking the drawings using brushes, nibs and Wacom Tablets.

Drawings are digitized by the Turtles in the Scanning Department.

Drawings are colored by a group of Mice.

Web Publishing is handled by a collection of Frogs.

Business Analytics is taken care of by Orcas.

Programming is done by an assortment of Bats, who hang upside down all night, coding until dawn on Mac Book Pros strapped to the ceiling of their cave.

Accounting is done by the Crocodilian Accounting and Savings House (C.A.S.H.)

Our receptionist is a Velociraptor.

And in the background, the group’s leader, Tim van de Vall, walks around all day sipping coffee, making suggestions, and trying hard to bring out the best in each of his colleagues. Van, the dog – he doesn’t do anything.

We are currently hiring another otter for a Senior Copywriting position. If you are not an otter, please do not apply.

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