6th Grade Writing Prompts

If your 6th grader enjoys creative writing, print this free 6th grade writing prompts PDF. With worksheet was created t0 help aspiring writers and language arts teachers. There are 20 writing prompts to get your pen moving. Some of the writing prompts are intellectually challenging, while others are fun and will inspire your imagination.

Click the image thumbnail below to download the PDF version. Alternatively, you can read online by scrolling further down the page.

6th Grade Writing Prompts
6th Grade Writing Prompts – PDF

6th Grade Writing Prompts List

  1. The year is 1700, and you are in charge of starting a colony in the New World. Name your colony, and describe how you would build it. What challenges would you face, and how would you overcome them?
  2. You meet a wise man at the top of a mountain, who knows all the answers. He will let you ask him one question. What do you ask?
  3. Humans have colonized Mars, and now you are on a space ship traveling to the new Martian settlement. Describe your thoughts about traveling to this new planet. Why are you going? What will you see? Who will you meet?
  4. The year is 1880, and your sailing ship has just crashed on a tropical island in the Pacific. How will you survive?
  5. You have just found a time machine. What happens next?
  6. What is the difference between hearing and listening?
  7. Your space ship has been sucked through a black hole and miraculously you have survived the trip to the other side. Describe what you encounter.
  8. If you could not longer use a cell phone for an entire year, how would you communicate with people?
  9. You’re a detective in the 1930s. Write a story about your first case.
  10. How did computers affect the world?
  11. Invent a new holiday. Describe what you’re celebrating and some traditions that go along with the holiday.
  12. Name one problem that currently exists in the world. How would you solve it?
  13. What is your definition of creativity? How are you creative?
  14. Write an autobiographical haiku.
  15. Write a plot summary of a story that contains three fictional characters from three separate books by three different authors.
  16. Write myth explaining how the world was created.
  17. Write a story about a superhero with a ridiculous superpower.
  18. You’re spending the day with the wizard Merlin. Write down some of the wise lessons he teaches you.
  19. The campfire grew out of control…
  20. Describe your life if you lived during the Middle Ages.

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