All About Me Poem

Here’s a neat little All About Me Poem I wrote for elementary school students and teachers. Teachers, you’re welcome to print as many copies of this poem as your need for your classroom. This fun activity will let teachers and students get to know a bit about one another at the start of a new school year. There a blank spaces in each line of the poem for kids to fill in the details about themselves.

Please click the All About Me Poem thumbnail below to open the PDF in your browser. The html version of the poem is also available further down the page.

All About Me Poem
All About Me Poem – PDF

All About Me Poem

This is a poem all about me,

Where I come from, who I’d like to be.

My first name is ____________,  ____________ is my last,

I stand ____________ feet tall, I’m growing real fast!

____________ are my eyes, my hair a ____________ shade,

I am ____________ years old, and in the ____________ grade.

I was born on ____________, a fine birthday,

____________ is my home country, I am proud to say.

My favorite color is ____________, a beautiful hue,

My favorite number is ____________, that’s important too.

My favorite animals are ____________, they’re really cool,

And ____________ is my favorite subject in school.

____________ is my hobby, ____________ is the sport for me,

I like to eat ____________, I think it is tasty.

I will be a(n) ____________ when I’m grown up on some future day,

Until then I’ll have fun, I’ll work hard and I’ll play.

That about sums it up, and as you can see,

This poem clearly shows it’s great to be me!

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